A wedding venue from my dream

I once thought about getting married, and it happened later that night that I had an interesting dream that describes a luxurious wedding. Usually I don’t believe in dreams too much, but that night I just felt different. This was like a divine revelation for me, so whatever was its purpose I would just like sharing it with people. I don’t know if this could ever happen to me now, because I’m really getting too old for that.

So this is how it goes. I found myself in a large festive building, where I knew an important event will take place. I didn’t know what it was, but as everyone else was invited too, I had nothing wrong with just being there and enjoying the moment. I was with a group of people being conducted to the actual room of the upcoming feast. After a minute walk on a special road, laid with carpets, we’ve entered to the main hall itself. From this view I knew it was a wedding.

The room was wide and spacious with high ceiling and chandeliers hanging on the long ropes. Most of the colors and decoration were white, also combined with metal and marbles. Among different decorations I clearly remembered the swans. They were in pairs with their long necks twisted together. All around there was tables in shape of huge circles, decorated with glass and crystals. And so we were seated to one of these table, anticipating the soonest start.

We did not wait for long when they started serving the food on the large metal plates, delightfully reflecting the lights dispersed from the crystals. First they served duck. The mean was laid in an unusual pattern of circles, garnished with different leaves, radish and the caviars. I would never forget their gentle aroma, bringing notes of turmeric, roses and wine. The meat was juicy and palatable to the taste, covered with a thin crust and spices. Other dishes brought some amazing fish and the beef stew.

When they were about to bring drinks I started to realize that all this wedding feast is for me, then I glanced at the scene and at the opposite site I saw a woman, which I somehow knew is going to be my wife. I squinted hard, and yet couldn’t see here face clearly. I wonder what this dream meant…

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